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2026 President Candidates

4 - Aarit Parekh.png

Aarit Parekh

Candidate for 2026 President

What’s 2026! My name is Aarit Parekh, and I will be running for YOUR CLASS OFFICER PRESIDENT!! I’m running for this position to make YOUR lives better, whether it be through large classwide and schoolwide events, to small changes, such as providing mental and emotional support. I bring loads of experience and a dedicated and passionate mind and attitude to the table. I will implement ideas that are better than the standard “underclassman dance” and “feedback forms”, instead I’ll choose unique ideas that benefit the entire class. So choose change, a better future. and AP FOR YOUR CP OF 2026!

AMY TANG 4 PRES (2) - Amy Tang.png

Amy Tang (Runoffs)

Candidate for 2026 President

HEY 2026, I'm AMY TANG running to be YOUR President!! From late nights at rally setups to overseeing class events, I've LOVED serving as YOUR president for the past year, and I hope to continue. Next year, I hope to promote more class spirit, host inter-class or even inter-school events, being inclusive to ALL, and focus on more organization so YOU know what's going on!! With over SEVEN years of experience, being the designer behind the graphics YOU see, and the love for OUR class, VOTE AMY TANG for 2026 PRESIDENT!! Visit for more info!!

07E95EFD-517A-4B1E-BC62-A6CEB22F7001 - Hashim Mahmood.png

Hashim Mahmood

Candidate for 2026 President

Hi, I’m Hashim Mahmood, and I am hoping to be your sophomore class president for the class of 2026. My vision as your class president will be to improve two things: academic support and class events. I will organize study group events that include studying and tutoring since sophomore year is coming up, and try to organize more class events, including joint events with other classes. I have experience as a student council rep in 6th and 7th grade, and as vice president in 8th grade. Thanks for your time, but don’t be in a mood, vote for Hashim Mahmood!

square - Samay Sikri.png

Samay Sikri (Runoffs)

Candidate for 2026 President

HEY, 2026, my name is Samay Sikri and I’m running to be YOUR class president!! I want our sophomore year to be amazing, and I can make this happen. I love this class, and I’ve shown it throughout the year, as your HOCO skit head, our rally preps, and the guy going crazy during spirit weeks and rallies. This year, I plan on 1) New events that appeal to a wide variety of students 2) More fundraisers for that $$$ 3) what YOU have in mind. For a fantastic year, VOTE Samay Sikri as YOUR class president, because SAMS THE MAN!!

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