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2026 Treasurer Candidates

avril for 2026 treasurer - Avril Chin.png

Avril Chin

Candidate for 2026 Treasurer

Hey 2026! I’m Avril, and I’ve been honored to serve as your Class Treasurer this past year. I promised to raise funds, organize fun events, and be transparent about how YOUR funds are used. As your Treasurer, I organized 5 fundraisers, generating hundreds of dollars for class events. I published our class budget for all to view. And with my fellow class officers, we hosted the Holiday Gift Exchange/Study Session, Color Clash, and more. What’s next? I promise to make sophomore year even MORE fun and memorable! Anyone can talk. Vote for something bigger - Avril is proven to DELIVER!

Kartik FOR TREASURER - Kartik Gudapati.png

Kartik Gudapati (Elected)

Candidate for 2026 Treasurer

Hey Lynbrook, my name is Kartik Gudapati and I’m running to be the class of 2026’s treasurer! As we take a HUGE step into the sophomore year, the stress is going to get so much more intense and school will get way more serious. I think we need a break from all of it, and we need to have more fun. Kartik for treasurer will make all the fun happen in the upcoming school year. My number one priority is YOUR well being, so let’s make 2023-2024 great by letting the “Kar” (car) drive 2026 to happiness!
-Kartik for Treasurer

Vote Sanika Vaidya(1) - Sanika Vaidya.png

Sanika Vaidya

Candidate for 2026 Treasurer

Hey Lynbrook! I’m Sanika Vaidya, and I’m running to be your treasurer for the 2023 - 2024 school year. For many of us, class events have been a fun way to get away from the stress of school, and meet new people at the same time. For me, like most of you, these events have been an enjoyable escape, and so, as Treasurer, I promise to work towards keeping that sentiment, while bringing the wishes of the Class of 2026 into the foreground. Make sure to vote for Sanika Vaidya to be your Treasurer for the 23 - 24 school year!

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