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2025 Secretary Candidates

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Abhiram Bhavaraju

Candidate for 2025 Secretary

As a Class Officer candidate, my vision for next year is to create a more inclusive and spirited school environment. I plan on implementing various initiatives that help promote mental health awareness, enhance academic support, and have the most fun as seniors in Lynbrook High. I plan on organizing a very exciting Senior prom for all the seniors next year, therefore making sure that all seniors get what they deserve for persevering through three hard years of high school.

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Eileen Zhu

Candidate for 2025 Secretary

Hi 2025! This past year has been tough for a lot of us, from identity crisis' to studying to trying to drive — but we're almost done. Looking into senior year, what we need is a supportive and uplifting community. I can help with that! e.g. providing post hs planning resources, organizing free digi photos for special events open to all 25' students, making a photo gallery for our class throughout the school year, planning an unforgettable senior sunrise/sunset + prom. I'm happy to talk to you guys about details and would love to hear your input, come find me irl or message me anytime! If elected, I promise to be driven to make these things happen (I can't drive).

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