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2025 Secretary Candidates

Amine Ali Chaouche - Amine Ali Chaouche.png

Amine Ali Chaouche (Elected)

Candidate for 2025 Secretary

Hey Lynbrook! I’m Amine and I’m hoping that I can become your class secretary for next year! I am committed to making our student council efficient and transparent by promising to faithfully record and publish detailed summaries of all meetings held. I will make sure to listen to feedback to curate a tailored experience for our class. I am committed to promoting school spirit, organizing fun events, and advocating for our student community. I’ll make sure that I’ll fulfill my role to my fullest capability. Let’s have a memorable year class of 2025!

IMG_5851 - Paul Pamichev.jpg

Paul Pamichev

Candidate for 2025 Secretary

My name is Paul and I'm running to be your 2025 secretary. I have lots of plans this year, such as transforming meeting minutes into easy-to-understand graphics and upping class spirit with extra handouts at rallies. I want to make this year extra fun by planning 2025-exclusive events. I'm qualified for the job too: I have over 60 hours of meeting minute experience and solo-planned, led and executed a summer camp in addition to numerous other leadership-related activities. I have so many more ideas but if you like any of these ones, you should vote Paul Pamichev for 2025 sec.

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