Elections FAQ

ASB and Class Office Elections are those hectic, exciting times of the year when you get a chance to know the candidates who may serve you in student government and lead your class next year! This year, we’re providing a platform about elections on the ASB website to make it easier for you to learn and ask questions about the candidates and their goals.


Who are your ASB Officers?

ASB Officers head the ASB 3rd Period class and help plan ASB events like Hearts Week, Charity Week, and Winter Formal! This year, there will be one President, two Vice Presidents, one Secretary, one Treasurer, and two Intra-District Council (IDC) Representatives. The Vice President and IDC Representative elections will be based on plurality voting and the rest of the elections will have run-offs if no candidate wins a majority.

Who are your Class Officers?

Class officers plan various class events like Homecoming, Powerpuff, rallies, proms, and fundraisers. The Class office team consists of 1 president, 2 (for grades 9-11) or 3 (for grade 12) vice presidents, 1 secretary, and 1 treasurer.

Who are the candidates running this year?

Look through the position pages and find out! You can view each student's 100-word platform and download their profile picture to show support if you would like. We recommend you get to know your candidates, on and offline.


How do I download candidate pictures?

Click on the photos next to each candidate’s name to display their name. Right-click to save and download the image!

Who is running this website?

Your Senior ASBOs (Michael, Isaac, Kanav, Pranav, Joyce, Zoe, Justin) along with Mr. Lee and Mrs. Rocha! If you have questions, please let us know.