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2025 Vice-President Candidates

Actual square asb - Arnav Singhal.png

Arnav Singhal (Elected)

Candidate for 2025 Vice President

25! 25! 25! We erupt in cheer throughout events leaving our mark on Lynbrook. As we move on past high school and look back to our time at Lynbrook it should invoke fond memories of going out to rallies, prepping for homecoming with friends, dancing at prom, and much more. My goal is to unify our entire class by corresponding with YOU and the rest of ASB to plan INCLUSIVE events for everyone to enjoy. Now I need YOUR help to serve as a class officer to make memories lasting us a lifetime. REMEMBER VOTE ARNAV SINGHAL FOR CLASS VP!

originalvp - Dishita Aeron.jpg

Dishita Aeron (Elected)

Candidate for 2025 Vice President

Hey 2025!! My #1 goal is to make our high school experience full of fun-filled and lasting memories. To do this, I will take as much student input as possible. This means that you get to decide if we organize a karaoke night, game night, or something else through polls. Your voice matters to me! And trust me - I'll be able to get this done through my experience of being in leadership for two years in middle school and co-founding a tutoring business, gaining skills like organization, communication, and time management. Vote Dishita for 2025 VP! More info:

25VPCampaignPhoto - Isaac Sun.png

Isaac Sun

Candidate for 2025 Vice President

Hey 2025! I’m Isaac Sun and I’m running to be your class VP for the upcoming year! Through my time as Class Treasurer throughout the last two years, I have the necessary qualities and experience to act as a Class Officer. From tirelessly working at rally setups to planning different class events, while also nearly tripling our class budget, I have shown my dedication to this class. Next year, I hope to increase communication between the officers and the rest of the class while also bringing free food to rally setups. With that, make sure to vote Isaac for VP!

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