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2025 Vice-President Candidates

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Amine Ali Chaouche

Candidate for 2025 Vice President

Hey Lynbrook! I'm Amine and I'm hoping that I can become your Class Vice President for next year! One of my big promises this year is to make my campaign about YOU. I want to act as a medium between you and ASB to create a more transparent and inclusive environment. I will make sure to listen to feedback to curate a tailored experience for everyone. I am committed to promoting school spirit, such as creating new school merch contests, organizing fun events, and advocating for our student community. Let’s make next year unforgettable, Lynbrook! VOTE AMINE FOR VP!


Aryan Patnaik

Candidate for 2025 Vice President

I am Aryan Patnaik.  It would be my honor to serve you as your 2025 Vice President next year.  Whether it's directing our blockbuster of a skit or fostering student passions like the new cricket team, I’ve worked with a lot of you and got to know your visions for our class.  I want to realize those dreams and make our senior year one to remember, but I can’t do it alone.  Together, let’s script our futures and transform these ideas into a wondrous adventure.  If that sounds just right for you, consider voting Aryan Patnaik for 2025 Vice President.

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Gary Pan

Candidate for 2025 Vice President

Hey, 2025! My name is Gary and I’m running to your senior vice president. I hope to improve the quantity and quality of class events. I am extremely passionate about the class, having participated in homecoming as planter lead and boys dance. I've also planned junior prom as your class treasurer. For our senior year, I want to plan and improve crucial class events such as the Senior Prom, sunrise, and sunset. I also want to create fun and inventive class events that will destress you from college apps. Thank you so much and remember to vote GP for VP!!!

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Hao Gu

Candidate for 2025 Vice President

Class of 2025 — we have one last year left of high school. So let's not have an ordinary senior year, let's have an extraordinary one. I have 3 goals: Affordability, Application Support, and Unique Events. This means cheaper Prom tickets, Free 2025 Swag at Senior Sunrise, a Senior Trip, an Alumni panel, and much more. How do you know I can do that? Serving as your sophomore Class President and Planter Decs lead, the hundreds of hours I’ve poured into our class shows that I can turn these dreams into a reality. “Hao” can we make our senior year extraordinary? Cast your vote for Hao for VP!

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Zack Zhou

Candidate for 2025 Vice President

Hey 2025. I’m Ziqi Zhou, and as your candidate for vice-president, I pledge to amplify student voices, host creative events, and make our SENIOR year a blast. I understand that senior year is stressful, and I want to relieve some of that stress with fun and exciting events. A few ideas I have are Senior Bonfire and Senior vs. Junior Olympics. I will also incorporate student feedback in many of our events. For instance, imagine being able to vote where our Senior Prom will take place next year! At the end of these platforms, there’s usually a slogan at the end. So here’s mine: Vote for Zack, he has your back!

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