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Vikings, we’re super excited to introduce your Associated Student Body for the 2023-2024 school year! Lynbrook ASB, or Leadership, consists of 7 ASB Officers, 25 commissioners, and 21 class officers working to create a positive impact on campus. ASB officers and commissioners focus on schoolwide projects––together, we make up 6 commissions tackling specific areas we’re passionate about.


Class officers plan various class events such as Homecoming, rallies, proms, and fundraisers. The Freshmen, Sophomores, and Juniors have 5 officers, and the Seniors have 6. ASB also serves as a liaison for school administration, Legislative Council, FUHSD Inter-District Council (IDC), and parent and community organizations like PTSA and School Site Council (SSC). If you ever want to get involved with these groups, we’re here to help.


Collectively, it’s our job to better your high school experience and make sure your voice is heard. As you browse the descriptions below, we hope you gain insight into the structure and specific duties of our team. We recommend you check out the ASB Constitution [Constitution subpage] to gain a better understanding about our official responsibilities. Have any questions or suggestions? Email our ASB Advisor, Ms. Kirsh, at, our ASB President, Anika Sundararajan, at, or talk to any of us in person!



The ASB officers oversee all ASB events and the third period leadership class, which consists of the Class Presidents and commissioners. We individually work with 6 commissions on some events and collectively lead classwide projects and campaigns. In addition to our individual roles, we organize Legislative Council and IDC.

ASB President: Anika Sundararajan

ASB Vice Presidents: Maple Leung & Gio Cabaltica

ASB Secretary: AJ Jain

ASB Treasurer: Colin Chow

IDC Representatives: Calvin Zhou & Kyrsten Su


The Tech commission brings innovative technologies to Lynbrook, documents major school events, and manages all technology present in the promotion and execution of ASB events.

In order to spread awareness of events and promote our school, the Tech Commissioners take photos and videos of ASB events including rallies, brunch activities and dances. They help publicize events, manage the Student Life portion of the LHS website, and work with other technical aspects such as filming and operating the sound system. Tech had also DJed a few of LHS dances in the last few years.

Colin Chow (Commission lead), Austin Wu, Alexis Giaquinta, Chelsea Lee, Daniel Wan, Jeffrey Gao


Community Link intersects the responsibilities of overseeing organizations on Lynbrook's campus and focuses on greater outreach to the community. Commissioners are responsible for creating a platform to facilitate communication between the school's student body, administration, as well as groups outside in the community.

Calvin Zhou (Commission lead), Nina Pan, Vansh Mathur, Manit Mathur, Chelsea Guo, Ojas Kothari


The PR Commission promotes school-wide events, increase transparency, and informs the student body through ASB Videos. We also update the ASB website periodically. Public Relations Commissioners provide much needed service to our student body by promoting ASB events and activities including homecoming, dances, spirit weeks, etc. through announcements, posters, flyers, stickers and other creative ways.

AJ Jain (Commission lead), Alison Ho, Joyce Cheung, Niharika Ramanatham, Michelle Yang


Recognition Commissioners help promote a positive and supportive school environment by planning annual events like Kindness Week, Finals Campus Wellness Week, and the Coffeehouse Talent Show. Recognition aims to appreciate all students and teachers for their hard work and dedication through awards like student VIP Vikings and Staff Appreciation Week, and they seek to recognize underrepresented groups and individuals on campus. In addition to celebrating faculty and student accomplishments, this commission runs the Facebook and Instagram page known as Humans of Lynbrook High, featuring interviews from students and staff. They keep their eyes and ears open for achievements in order to publicly recognize them in unique ways.

Gio Cabaltica (Commission lead), Aarya Aluri, Sagar Bhatia, Stephanie Li, Arnav Kodavati


Social commissioners are in charge of overseeing, publicizing, and planning events, such as school dances, movie nights, and the fashion show, for students to get together and socialize. We strive to plan the best events that reach out to the entire student body and help our Vikings have a fun and memorable high school experience!

Kyrsten Su (Commission lead), Amy Tang, Amie Wu, Carrie Chern, Lauren Li


Spirit Commissioners play the biggest role in rallies by organizing the themes, games, script, and presentation of sports teams. During the rallies, they may have the center stage as MCs. They also run several other events throughout the year aiming to increase student participation. During other events, they may introduce activities, classes, speakers, etc. They work closely with Tech in video production and will work to promote student involvement in all activities.

Maple Leung (Commission lead), Zayan Azom, Ayan Choudary, Shreya Somani 


The Intra-District Council promotes positive relationships between students and ASBs across the FUHSD district. The IDC represents the voices of Lynbrook students and takes inspiration from other schools to better Lynbrook and every student’s Lynbrook experience. The IDC for each school consists of two representatives and the ASB President.

Anika Sundararajan, Calvin Zhou, Kyrsten Su


Class Officers

Class Officers are representatives elected my members of their class to lead and serve their grade level. Class Officers plan various events and initiatives such as Homecoming, Fundraisers and more. Each grade consists of 1 President, 2 VPs (3 for the senior class), 1 Secretary and 1 Treasurer ​



Janhavi Venkatesh (president)
Riley Chen (vice president)
Derek Li (vice president)
Dara Lin (vice president)
Lauren Yoon (secretary)
Alex Li (treasurer)


Kimaya Pantvaidya (president)
Arnav Singhal (vice president)
Dishita Aeron (vice president)
Amine Ali Chaouche (secretary)
Gary Pan (treasurer)



Samay Sikri (president)
Vihaan Patel (vice president)
Lisa Jing (vice president)
Tanush Agrawal (secretary)
Kartik Gudapati (treasurer)


Aarav Anand (president)

Dale Liu (vice president)

Isabella Chiu (vice president)

Rishi Dommeti (secretary)

Erin Chen (treasurer)



Lynbrook's Legislative Council is composed of individual members from each class across the student body. The council meets biweekly to vote on decisions concerning upcoming events, passing clubs, and other Lynbrook-related news. 



Priyanka Supraja Balaji, Anoushka Chakravarty, Audrey Zhu, Akshara Israni, Sia Gupta, Ishanvi Hullur, Isaac Chang, Charlotta Dai, Rhea Lalwani, Aadi Loonawat, Michael Fan, Kavya Krishnamurthy, Ahana Mangla, Tiffany Wan, Sravya Vytla, Yvette Huang, Nidhi Kannan, Qianzi Loo, Kashish Mittal, Stephen Florip, Selena Yang, Jaclyn Chiu, Preston Kwan, Zaeen Hasan, Shreshta Ramji, Akshat Garg, Naomi Chang, Amishi Arya, Ishika Chandra, Anish Alleshwaram, Kajal Mittal, Siddharth Gupta, Angelina Zhou

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