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2026 Secretary Candidates

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Angela Zhang

Candidate for 2026 Secretary

HEY 2026!! I'm ANGELA ZHANG running to be your CLASS SECRETARY! I want our junior year to be the best one yet. I’ve been involved in many rallies, and I love the community of our class. Over these past two years, we’ve achieved so much, but why stop HERE? For our class goals, such as transparency, involvement, and inclusivity, Angela for SEC means they’ll come to life. Through my organizational skills and experience with graphics, I’ll make sure information is more readily accessible and available than before. I've been committed to 2026 from the beginning, through events like homecoming, winter rally, and club involvement, which all point you to VOTE ANGELA FOR SEC!

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Audrey Zhu

Candidate for 2026 Secretary

HEY CLASS OF 2026!! My name is AUDREY ZHU and I am running to be YOUR Class Secretary! For my past 2 years at Lynbrook, I have dedicated myself to creating an AMAZING Homecoming (Hoco Court!!) and being INVOLVED in our community, with multiple Club Officer positions and Legislative Council. Utilizing my experience in planning dances, fundraisers, and fashion shows, I hope to implement more diverse ways of outreach, create inclusive events, and amplify YOUR voice to improve our events and make for a GREAT junior year!!

⚠️Time to BeReal. Vote Audrey4Sec⚠️

@audr3yzh or for more info!

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Joyce Cheung

Candidate for 2026 Secretary

2026… I CHOOSE YOU!! My name is Joyce Cheung and I’m running to be YOUR class secretary! For the past two years, our class has always been my top priority. Serving as your homecoming skit head, backdrops head & ASB Public Relations Commissioner, I have the experience and qualifications to be your secretary. I aim to raise class spirit through meaningful events (like jprom!!) and I promise to help you CAPTURE the fond memories of junior year. Learn more at: and remember: 2026 I choose you, now all that’s left for you to do is choose me too: Vote Joyce For Sec! <3

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Maulik Agrawal

Candidate for 2026 Secretary

Hi 2026 I'm Maulik Agrawal, and I want to be your class secretary next year. As we approach our junior year, we realize that our grades matter more, and college is only 2 years away. That means that within 2 years we have to make a decision that will change the course of our lives forever, what major do we do, and what career will follow. As class secretary I want to help everyone make that difficult decision by starting events that will allow us to interact with workers in fields that we love, so that we can do what we love.

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