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2026 Secretary Candidates

IMG_1181 - Aadi Loonawat.jpg

Aadi Loonawat

Candidate for 2026 Secretary

Hey, 2026! I’m Aadi Loonawat and I'm running for Secretary! Our freshman year has been amazing. From homecoming to rallies, and I've been with our class every step of the way. As we approach harder classes and more stressful days. Class spirit becomes more and more important. From crazy spirit day outfits to hype rallies. That is what I believe makes our years at Lynbrook unforgettable. If I get voted in I promise I will work relentlessly to achieve not only my own goals but also your goals. Remember to vote Aadi Loonawat for Class Secretary.

bolang square-2.png

Bolang Zhu

Candidate for 2026 Secretary

Hey I’m Bolang, and I’m running to be your class of 2026 secretary. I hope to make the school year about you! As your homecoming planters decs head, and a member of the class of 2026, I understand the friendships and excitement of Lynbrook, as well as the awkward first-step it takes to even go to events. I plan to provide ample opportunities to find an event that you would like to do. As your secretary, I will diligently convey your concerns to the student body to know what YOU would like to see. Let’s have a great year <3.

1 - Chloe Chung.png

Chloe Chung (Runoffs)

Candidate for 2026 Secretary

Greetings 26!
My name is Chloe, and I’m running to be your Class Secretary. After serving as secretary for the past year, I have worked with numerous people to put on events for our class, gotten feedback and recognized places for improvement. One of my main goals for next year is to increase inclusivity so everyone has an opportunity to participate in the events that we put on. I also aim to continue being transparent by publishing meeting minutes to inform our class about the decisions that we make and what goes on behind the scenes.

Your paragraph text - Isabel Hosein.png

Izzy Hosein

Candidate for 2026 Secretary

Hey Class of 2026! I'm Izzy and I'm running to be your Class Secretary. You may recognize me from homecoming skit, proudly representing you as one of the faces of our class's performance. I hope to represent you once again next year as Class Secretary. I will make sure to listen to your ideas as well as implement my own. One of my ideas is to plan more class study sessions in the cafeteria (with free snacks provided, of course). I am completely dedicated and prepared to commit my time to making Lynbrook the best environment for the CLASS OF 2026!! Vote Izzy H. for sec!

Joyce Cheung 2026 Campaign Photo - Joyce Cheung.png

Joyce Cheung

Candidate for 2026 Secretary

We all survived our first year of high school - so let’s create a memorable sophomore year together! You might recognize me as a homecoming skit head, or from Martial Arts Club, Chinese Honor Society, Key Club and Studio 74. As your class officer, I will listen and consider every student’s ideas to make our sophomore year exciting and fun. I would be honored by your support. Please vote Joyce Cheung for Sec, it’s the right choice!

tanush4sec 2026 - Tanush Agrawal.png

Tanush Agrawal (Runoffs)

Candidate for 2026 Secretary

Hey, 2026:) Can you believe we’re wrapping up our first year of high school? Now, it’s time to get excited for even more unforgettable moments to come! I’m Tanush and I’m running as your class secretary to help you build experiences of a lifetime. So, how will I do that? We are all creative in one way or another, and my aim is to explore that creativity in your ideas to take our events to the next level. Learn more about my campaign at, and remember, a vote for Tanush is a vote for you!

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