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2025 President Candidates

President (1) - Aryan Patnaik.png

Aryan Patnaik

Candidate for 2025 President

It may seem like a loss, but to me, losing the ASB elections was only a hurdle. A hurdle that I would have to cross in order to fulfill my promise of making Lynbrook the home away from home. And that’s why I’ve returned. As your class president, I will ensure that our class has all the necessary materials needed for success, whether it be more people for hoco decs or more help for APs. Voting for me would not just mean having me as a class president, it means having energy, ambition, and commitment as your voice in ASB.

diff photo tint (1) - Kimaya Pantvaidya.png

Kimaya Pantvaidya (Runoffs)

Candidate for 2025 President

Hey 25! My name is Kimaya and I’m running to be YOUR class president! Throughout my middle school and high school experience so far, leadership has always been a passion of mine and through it, I strive daily to bring positive change to my community. I have loved serving the Lynbrook community through ASB these past two years, and I hope you will give me the honor of serving as YOUR class president this year, ready to work tirelessly to raise the spirit and wellness of the class of 2025! Click the link for more info:

Sag 4 prez - Sagar Bhatia.png

Sagar Bhatia

Candidate for 2025 President

I’m Sagar and I’m running to be your Class President. I want to build my campaign off of one thing and that is trust. I believe if I tell you I will do something I will put everything into completing it and I will deliver it to you every single time. I want to bring a great HOCO and Winter Rally along with bringing in events like more movie nights, boba days, karaoke nights, etc. I will put my all into you and will bring the most energy to this grade you can see. Vote Sag 4 Prez.

headshot 2023 - Siddharth Gupta.png

Siddharth Gupta (Runoffs)

Candidate for 2025 President

Hey 2025!
As your class secretary for two years, I’ve had a lot of unique experiences. I’ve volunteered at numerous school events including JProm, I’ve collaborated with ASB members from across the district, and most importantly, I’ve made lasting memories through our class events. From 5am homecoming practices to socials, well-planned class events are what bring us together. Through a combination of my experience and focus on diversity, inclusivity, and your feedback, we can make our upcoming year a great one (despite AP Testing...)! Check out @siddharthvgupta on Instagram to learn more. Vote Sid for CP to make things happen!

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