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2027 Vice-President Candidates

vp - Dale Liu.jpg

Candidate for 2027 Class Vice-President

Dale Liu (Elected)

What’s good 2027! I’m Dale Liu and I’m running to be your Vice President this year. I’ve held a few leadership roles in the past, such as being the Cross Country team captain in both 7th and 8th grade. I also have experience planning and organizing events because I was part of Miller’s Leadership class last year, and this summer, I helped out in our 2027 homecoming. My goal is to make YOUR voices heard, and I’ll do this by frequently taking suggestions and ideas from the student body. Looking forward to representing y’all this year!!

IC the best VP - Isabella Chiu.jpg

Candidate for 2027 Class Vice-President

Isabella Chiu (Elected)

Hey Class of 2027! It’s Isabella Chiu here, running to be your amazing vice president. Adjusting to a new school is not fun, but as your vice president, I will incorporate your ideas into our events to brighten up your year. Reach out on instagram @isabellachiu333 for any suggestions. But why me? Two years of writing volunteer instructions, planning activities, and managing student volunteers taught me responsibility. I promise to make sure all your events run smoothly, so you can have an enjoyable year. IC the best vice president. So, vote for Isabella Chiu for the best school for you!

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