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2027 Vice-President Candidates


Candidate for 2027 Class Vice-President

Anshika Gupta

Hi 2027! My name is Anshika Gupta, and I am running to be your class Vice President. As we are all growing up, the pressure is growing as well. So I want to make sure that students get the best out of sophomore year. I want to encourage everyone in our class to find community and joy in class activities, so that going to events and socials interests all different students. Through experience leading and being a decs head for homecoming last year, I promise to work hard to make your year unforgettable. So vote Anshika for the 2027 VP!

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Candidate for 2027 Class Vice-President

Dale Liu

Hey 2027! My name is Dale, and I'm running to be re-elected as your Vice President this upcoming school year. Over the past few months, I've gained a lot of experience serving as your Class Officer. I'll be able to bring this experience with me into our sophomore year to improve upon the events we currently have, as well as create new exciting events. I also really value YOUR feedback, so I will try my best to implement ideas from the student body into class events. I'm looking forward to another amazing year with y'all, so vote Dale for VP!

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Candidate for 2027 Class Vice-President

Isabella Chiu 

HEY 2027!! It’s ISABELLA CHIU here, running to be YOUR class vice president. This past year has been unforgettable, from Homecoming to the Underclassmen Showdown. As YOUR class VP, I am committed to making this coming year full of a variety of EVENTS AND SOCIALS, improve PROMOTION, and increase participation in our class. With my experience as your current class VP and previously being in Miller Leadership, I hope to use YOUR input to make this coming year even more amazing. REACH OUT on Instagram @isabellachiu333 or email your suggestions! IC the best VP, so vote for ISABELLA CHIU!

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Candidate for 2027 Class Vice-President

Michael Fan

Hey 27! I’m Michael Fan, and I'm running to be your VP. My goal is to organize more class bonding events, promote school spirit through incentives, and effectively communicate with the class. I’d like to initiate surveys, emails and social media posts to keep the class in loop. Furthermore, I’d like to introduce ways for more non-ASB students to be more involved in the class and recognize students for their unique contributions to 2027.Through choreographing class dances, participating in every rally prep, and assisting 27 in homecoming, I’ve gained the experience, knowledge, and skillset to best represent our class.

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Candidate for 2027 Class Vice-President

Mihir Shankar

Hey Class of 2027! My name is Mihir Shankar and I’m running to be YOUR Vice President. Why vote Mihir? Let’s find out! I have loads of leadership experience through Boy Scouts and service clubs, where I’ve held positions involving teaching, leading and planning events. Furthermore, I am closely involved in the class of 27. I’ve shown my commitment through painting Hoco Decs, winter rally dance, and breakdancing at your events! As VP, I will work to promote inclusivity through diverse events/communication and bring extra energy to all our class events. The choice is clear, vote Mihir!

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Candidate for 2027 Class Vice-President

Natalie Tan

Hey 2027! I’m Natalie Tan and I am running to be our class’s VP! I noticed that our school has amazing spirit–but I can make 2027’s enthusiasm go through the roof! My experience with competitive team sports will ensure that I’ll do an amazing job bringing 2027 closer together like one loud, exciting team! I’m known for putting 200% effort into all of my activities and I will speak up for us. If I am elected for VP, I’ll assure you that next year will be like straight out an action-packed movie! VOTE NAT for 27 VP because she cooks!

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Candidate for 2027 Class Vice-President

Oliver Rust

As a candidate for Class VP, I bring a unique blend of humor, passion, and vision to the table. During my free time, you'll find me playing sports, gaming, and hanging out with friends and family. My extracurricular activities have taught me about teamwork, encouragement, strategy, and persistence. This year, I want to channel these valuable skills into making Lynbrook a place where fun and learning go hand in hand. I envision a year filled with engaging events, stronger community ties, and enhanced support for all our interests and endeavors. Put your trust in Rust! Vote Oliver Rust!

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Candidate for 2027 Class Vice-President

Rohin Saharoy

WHAT IS UP CLASS OF 2027!! I'm Rohin Saharoy and I'm running to be your Class Vice president. As we approach our end of our very first year of being a Lynbrook Student, I have just one question. How can we make our second year just as EXCITING and unforgettable? As your Vice-President, I am COMMITTED to promoting class spirit and organizing memorable events. I've created project plans to hold voter registration drives, 4 years of debate, and re-written school history. Let's have a memorable school year and make sure to RSVP your vote for ROHIN SAHAROY for class Vice-President.

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Candidate for 2027 Class Vice-President

Shahana Mohamed

Hey 2027! I'm Shahana Mohamed, and I'm running to be your class VP! If elected, I promise to make our sophomore year unforgettable! I’ve had experience with many leadership roles, such as a Student Council representative, and founder + co-president of Miller’s newspaper club, both for three consecutive years. I was also captain of Lynbrook’s girls JV soccer team this year. These roles have furthered my communication, collaboration, and decision-making skills. As your VP, I’ll focus on your visions and feedback, and turn those into positive results you want! For a bright year, Shahana's right here! VOTE SHAHANA MOHAMED FOR VP!

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Candidate for 2027 Class Vice-President

Shalaka Dolas

Hi! I am Shalaka and I am running to be your 2027 class vice president. I look forward to serving the student body like I did in Miller Leadership to plan fun and thrilling events that can encourage participation and make school more enjoyable for everyone as well as show our school spirit. I want to provide opportunities for the student body to be heard and incorporate their ideas into our school system to promote a more inclusive and exciting environment for everyone at our school. I hope that you consider me for 2027 class vice president, and GO VIKINGS!

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