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2027 President Candidates

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Candidate for 2027 Class President

Aarav Anand

Hey '27! As your current president, I've delivered on promises, organizing exciting new events like the gingerbread competition and underclassmen showdown, and raising $1500+ through successful fundraisers. I've amplified your voices using Instagram input stickers and feedback forms. This sophomore year, I commit to making us the LOUDEST at rallies, planning CREATIVE new events, using your FEEDBACK from previous events, and ensuring that we are COMPETITORS in homecoming. Expect even more successful FUNDRAISING for high-quality events. Let's create unforgettable MEMORIES together! Vote Aarav Anand for an even BETTER sophomore year! For more details:, and check my instagram!

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Candidate for 2027 Class President

Arnav Kodavati

HEY 2027! I'm Arnav Kodavati, and I'm running to be YOUR Sophomore Class President. For the past year, I've served as your ASB Recognition Commissioner and as Senior Patrol Leader of Troop 493. Through maintaining student wellness and highlighting individuals in ASB Recognition to attending National Youth Leadership Training, I have the qualifications to create a sustainable, transparent, and engaging sophomore year. I want to implement a homecoming calendar for all practices, decs, and meetings, a monthly class newsletter, and a class website. Make sure to vote Arnav Kodavati for 2027 Class President! For further information visit:

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Candidate for 2027 Class President

Shifa Bashir

Hey class of 2027! I'm Shifa Bashir, aspiring to be YOUR class office president. From a young age, I've thrived on collaboration, spearheading change, and nurturing connections. School's social dynamics energize me and as your president, I'm committed to addressing your concerns, celebrating diverse perspectives, and unlocking everyone's leadership potential. As a passionate advocate for ensuring every voice is heard, I aim to enhance the school culture and create an environment where all students feel valued. For a deeper dive into my vision and credentials, follow me on Instagram @sh1fa.b. If you want the best year, vote for Bashir!

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