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2025 Treasurer Candidates

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Anoushka Chakravarty

Candidate for 2025 Treasurer

Hey 25! As we head off into our senior year, I want us to enjoy our time at Lynbrook as much as possible. As treasurer, my goals will be fundraising and planning for prom, senior picnic, rallies, our class gift, and more. I will also plan more free events, such as study sessions before finals and game and movie nights. I will use my experiences with homecoming skit, rally set-ups, and legislative council, and my abilities to manage money and plan events to turn YOUR visions into reality. To make our last year count, vote Anoushka for treasurer!

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Avani Khanvilkar

Candidate for 2025 Treasurer

Hey 25, my name is Avani Khanvilkar, and I'm running to be your Treasurer for the Class of 2025! In our final year of high school, I'm committed to making our events unforgettable, especially homecoming and senior prom. With my creativity, I'll brainstorm unique fundraising ideas to ensure we have the resources and funds to make these events the best they can be. As treasurer, I'll manage our funds responsibly and transparently, prioritizing the experiences that matter most to our class. So if you’re looking towards making our senior year the best it can be, vote Avani Khanvilkar for Treasurer!

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Taek Kim

Candidate for 2025 Treasurer

Hey! I’m Taek, and I’m your candidate for class treasurer. Money frankly runs the world, and our class is not an exception. As treasurer, I will push for more frequent fundraisers and collaborate with other clubs to do so (win-win!). We all deserve a good treat for hard work, and that’s why I will make sure to provide food and drinks during HOCO and rally practices, even from my personal expenses. Your opinions are extremely valuable, and therefore I will create a Padlet for you to provide feedback. It's our last year 25, and I’m ready to make it count.

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