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2026 Vice President Candidates

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Ariel Kuo

Candidate for 2026 Vice President

Hey 2026! My name is Ariel, and I'm running to be your Vice President. I am deeply committed to fostering an inclusive and empowering environment by utilizing my experience serving on the Legislative Council and as an orchestra section leader. I plan to create events such as silent disco dance, night rallies, and an escape room challenge within our class grade to reduce junior year stress. If honored with the role of VP, I vow to work towards a campus that supports all students while creating everlasting memories. Vote Ariel 4 VP, so she can be part of your world :)

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Caroline Yan

Candidate for 2026 Vice President

Hey 2026! I'm Caroline Yan and I'm running to be your class vice president. As someone who has choreoed for girls dance, boys dance, and winter rally these past couple of years, I have demonstrated leadership qualities like communication, innovation, and collaboration. I also implemented feedback from dancers to improve the overall quality of their experiences. If elected, I will continue to listen to your opinions to ensure that your voices are heard. In addition, as a candidate with previous experience planning school dances, I will be able to use my insight to make JProm more enjoyable for everyone. Vote Caroline for VP!!

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Juno Hong

Candidate for 2026 Vice President

HEY 2026!! My name is JUNO HONG and I am running to be YOUR CLASS VICE PRESIDENT! I have numerous goals for our junior year, most notably an amazing homecoming as well as exciting rallies throughout the year. But most of all, I want to make our jprom the best as it can be. As your vice president during freshmen year and homecoming planters head of two years, I can guarantee that your junior year will be the absolute best. Make sure to vote Juno Hong as YOUR junior vice president!

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Lisa Jing

Candidate for 2026 Vice President

Kachink!! That’s the sound of cameras as we smile and pose at homecoming, rally setup, and study sessions, all while creating everlasting memories. Hey 2026, I’m LISA JING and I’m running to be re-elected as your class VP! From designing our class graphics to helping launch the brand new underclassmen showdown, I’m passionate about creating fun and fresh events for everyone. Your input defines 2026, which is why I want to emphasize student feedback, bridge the gap between admin and YOU, and continue fostering once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Check out for more info and vote LISA for VP!

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Tanush Agarwal

Candidate for 2026 Vice President

Hey, 2026:) As your current Class Secretary, I've had the privilege of connecting with many of you personally. Together, we’ve had so many fun memories this year, and I plan to take it to another level. I’m Tanush and I’m running as your class Vice President! My mission is to tap into your creativity to ensure our events are a true reflection of you. While junior year can be stressful, together we can make it the most enjoyable. Learn more at Remember, a vote for Tanush is a vote for you!

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