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ASB Vice-President Candidates

hey lynbrook ) my name is kimaya and i’m running to be YOUR asb vp! - Kimaya

Kimaya Pantvaidya

Candidate for ASB Vice-President

Hey Lynbrook, My name is Kimaya Pantvaidya and I am running to be your ASB Vice President. For the past three years, I have strived to plan the best events for the Lynbrook community as both a member of ASB and as the 2025 Class President, and I would love to bring that experience, dedication, and passion to the role of VP. If elected, I want to emphasize mental health and student wellness initiatives for the student body and integrate more student input and involvement into ASB events, leading with compassion and inclusivity to foster a caring environment at Lynbrook.

Untitled design - Sagar Bhatia.png

Sagar Bhatia

Candidate for ASB Vice-President

Hi Lynbrook! I’m Sagar Bhatia and I’m running to be your ASB Vice-President! Why vote me? I’ll keep it short and sweet. Energy, Experience, Enthusiasm, and Excellence. I am defined by the fact that I’ve always put 110% into my work, and I’ve made sure Lynbrook has seen that in my time here. I’ve created and worked on countless projects during my time in ASB including Coffee-House Talent Show, Game Night, Bringing Petting Zoos & Puppies to school, Hosting Student Sections, Cocoa in the Quad, + many-many more. The bottom line? Put the SB in ASB and vote Sagar Bhatia for VP.

final headshot - Siddharth Gupta.png

Siddharth Gupta

Candidate for ASB Vice-President

Hey Lynbrook! My name is Siddharth, and I’m running to be your Vice President. A VP’s responsibilities include managing the club approval process and the legislative council. I will utilize my experience of two years of class office, along with my experience as the Legislative Council Speaker of the House to achieve student body interests. I plan to make the flow of information from ASB to students including the club approval process clearer, and increase the importance of student feedback so YOU can choose our events. You can learn more at Make the right bid, vote Sid!

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