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ASB Vice-President Candidates

Screenshot 2023-02-24 at 10.50.49 PM - Aahaan Bandopadhyay.png

Aahaan Bandopadhyay

Candidate for ASB Vice-President

Hearing the screams at our field hockey games or the excitement of students when results of the last robotics competition came out made me realize that clubs are the backbone of our high school experiences. But, for officers and members alike, it can also serve as some of our biggest worries. That’s why as your ASB Vice President my main focus will be to the club members of Lynbrook, to ensure that any grievances, any stress, and any issues will be handled by our Community Link department here at ASB. With your help, I can help our clubs help you.

campaignphoto - Amine Ali Chaouche.png

Amine Ali Chaouche

Candidate for ASB Vice-President

Hey Lynbrook! I’m Amine and I’m hoping that I can become your ASB Vice President for next year! I am dedicated to making our school more engaging. I will make sure to listen to feedback to curate a tailored experience for everyone at Lynbrook. I am committed to promoting school spirit, organizing fun events, and advocating for our student community. I’ll make sure that all clubs have the support they need to raise money and succeed, but more importantly, I’ll make sure that we’re all having a good time doing it. Let’s have a memorable year Lynbrook!

DLI_ASBVP - Derek Li.png

Derek Li

Candidate for ASB Vice-President

When I watched the movie, Sing, I was impressed when the mouse Mike sang, “My Way.” You may remember Derek Li singing “My Way” last year for Lynbrook Idol. When I sing, I feel empowered and free, and I bring joy to those around me and lift up the spirits. I would love to see you expressing yourself in your own ways. As your ASB VP, I will promote programs that foster creativity to support your individual pursuits while strengthening a positive and inclusive environment for all students. I’m all ears for your voice and unique perspective. Sing Out Loud!

36907D2C-66BE-4948-A833-7C31B48F678F - Gio Cabaltica.png

Gio Cabaltica (Elected)

Candidate for ASB Vice-President

Hi, I’m Gio! As your Vice-President, I hope to make it clear that those outside of ASB are still important in the student body. If elected, I plan to give non-ASB students more opportunities and increase knowledge of ASB’s functions by introducing the ASB job shadow - a way for students outside of the leadership class to volunteer at events. I also want to make ASB more receptive to outside voices by promoting the student feedback form and allowing non-leadership students to propose their own project ideas. Outside of ASB, I want to help clubs by introducing more promotion opportunities at competitive events like the Club Video Contest and Club Talent Show. Vote Gio for VP!

pfp & square photo - Maple Leung.png

Maple Leung (Elected)

Candidate for ASB Vice-President

Whether you have 1, 2, or even 3 more years at Lynbrook, one thing is clear- our time here is short. Despite this, the memories we create here last a lifetime. Through my time as your 2024 Vice President, and additionally as your ASB Spirit commissioner, I’ve had the absolute privilege of getting to know all of you. As your ASB VP, I want to focus on not only creating memorable experiences, but DIVERSIFYING the inclusivity of these ASB events. Learn more about me @ and VOTE MAPLE L. FOR VP!

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