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2024 Treasurer Candidates

1 - Alex Li.png

Alex Li (Runoffs)

Candidate for 2024 Treasurer

What's up 2024! I’m Alex and I’m running to be your class treasurer! My major goal is to lower prices for large-scale events like Senior Prom. By increasing revenue streams from a multitude of smaller item sales (ex. tutu/sunglasses/spirit gear sales!), I will ensure that exuberant pricing does not discourage students from participating in events. Additionally, I hope to release a public class budget, increase publicity of class events, and introduce new, innovative activities, ranging from finals week study sessions (with free food and resources) to starting a senior class garden. See more information about my campaign at, and make sure to vote Alex Li for 24 Treasurer!

2024 Lily Fang 2024 Treasurer-3 - XinRan Fang.png

Lily Fang

Candidate for 2024 Treasurer

Senior year. People claim it’s the worst year of all: stress from applications, taking AP exams, and life in general. But what if your load could be lessened? Whatever path you end up choosing, I want to be there to support you and your goals, providing the resources needed for your success. Not only do I want to create a less stressful year for you but also aim to provide events that you want. If we’re forced to go to school anyways, let’s make it fun. This is my campaign, but it’s all about YOU!
- Lily Fang, 2024 Treasurer Candidate

front cover.png

Peter Aguirre (Runoffs)

Candidate for 2024 Treasurer

What's good 2024! I'm Peter, and I'm excited to run for Class Treasurer. My goal is to use our funds wisely and create unforgettable experiences for our class. I'm dedicated to bringing back the tradition of a senior prom on a cruise and organizing events that you, the class, choose. As Treasurer, I'll ensure that our funds are allocated responsibly to maximize our senior year's potential. I'm open to suggestions for any events and activities you'd like to see. Thank you for considering me, and let's work together to make our senior year unforgettable! Learn more at

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