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2024 Treasurer Candidates

Campaign Photo - Alex Li.png

Candidate for 2024 Class Treasurer

Alex Li

Hi! My name is Alex Li and I am running to be your 2024 class treasurer. As class treasurer, I want to not only help fund and make events a reality, but also to help make your junior class experience what you want! To achieve this, I plan to periodically collect your opinion on events throughout the year, as well as collect feedback on what events you want to see in the future. Let’s make a great junior year, and vote Alex Li for class treasurer. It just makes cents!

IG Post Main - Anshul Singh.png

Candidate for 2024 Class Treasurer

Anshul Singh (Elected)

Through 3 elections, you’ve probably heard one word a lot, inclusivity. As Class Treasurer for the past 2 years, I’ve realized that class officers already are inclusive, but in the wrong way. Inclusivity doesn’t mean including you in events we’ve already chosen, but helping you create the events you decide. That's why I have personally led the most innovative, student-sourced events in Class Office over the past 2 years, like Game nights, Spotify Madness, and Discord servers. Vote to be a part of the process. Vote Anshul Singh for 2024 Treasurer.

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