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IDC Representative Candidates

Calvin for IDC Campaign Photo - Calvin Zhou.png

Calvin Zhou (Elected)

Candidate for IDC Representative

Hey Lynbrook! Are you tired of feeling like our school is just a small fish in a big pond? Well, I am too. That's why I'm running for your Intra-District Council (IDC) Representative. As IDC Rep, I will work to foster a greater sense of community between our school and others in our district. We're in this together, so let's collaborate on engaging events that showcase our school spirit. But most importantly, I want to hear from YOU. Your ideas and feedback matter, and I'm dedicated to making sure they're heard. Vote Calvin for IDC, and let's make things happen!

IDC rep campaign (instagram) - Carrie Chern.png

Carrie Chern

Candidate for IDC Representative

Hey Lynbrook! My name is Carrie Chern and I’m running to be your IDC Representative. Shuffling from volleyball practices to art lessons, I have interacted with so many niche groups across campus. Here, I recognized just how diverse and talented Lynbrook is. As IDC representative, I want to build a platform to showcase our diversity for not only Lynbrook but all of FUHSD through events like IDC club market. Beyond unity, I would love to raise awareness of creating a positive environment for all the students. Check out my website at and vote Carrie Chern for IDC.

main post (square version) - Kyrsten Su.png

Kyrsten Su (Elected)

Candidate for IDC Representative

Watching students’ faces light up as they danced the night away at Homecoming Dance and Winter Formal, I fell in love with Lynbrook all over again. As part of ASB Social and the only IDC candidate with two years of in-class ASB experience, I’m committed to using my unique knowledge of ASB administration to bring social events, such as a beach bonfire and spring picnic, to the district level. I also aim to implement school and district-wide plastic and food sustainability solutions and host frequent event ticket raffles whilst providing students across the district with opportunities to make unforgettable memories.

Sagar - Sagar Bhatia.png

Sagar Bhatia

Candidate for IDC Representative

Hi everyone,
I’m very excited to be running for IDC because I believe in developing our culture at Lynbrook. High school can be tough, and I want to do everything I can to make it more enjoyable for all of you. However, I understand that we can't just wish things into existence. That's why I want to focus on realistic changes that will make a difference. The main goal I have is making changes that every single person reading this can feel and enjoy. Everybody's experience here is different but that doesn’t mean they can’t all be amazing. Vote Sagar.

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