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IDC Representative Candidates

AP4IDC (1) - Aarit Parekh.png

Aarit Parekh

Candidate for IDC Representative

Hey Lynbrook! My name is Aarit Parekh, and I'm running for YOUR IDC ! My biggest goal for the school year is CLOSING THE GAP between students and the FUHSD board. To do this, I plan to create OPEN discussions between students and IDC reps so they can voice their concerns about new FUHSD policy. I also want to create multiple programs to improve YOUR school-life balance, including making rallies MORE DYNAMIC and creating a PERMANENT mental health group that's always ready to help with mental health problems. Choose AP, because he's ALWAYS PROGRESSING the school in a better path!!

Election PFP (1) - Chelsea Guo.png

Chelsea Guo

Candidate for IDC Representative

Hello Lynbrook! I’m Chelsea, and as your IDC representative, I hope to make high school as enjoyable as possible for everyone. Since the position serves at a district level, I would have the ability to bring your voices to the school board and share your concerns with the people who have the capabilities to make changes. Specifically, I plan to work on lengthening our Thanksgiving Break. I also hope to increase ASB transparency for all students regarding the club approval process, fundraisers, and all the resources that ASB can offer. Vote Chelsea for IDC!

NINA PAN (1) - Nina Pan.png

Nina Pan

Candidate for IDC Representative

What highschool journey do you envision? In the last three years, I’ve screamed at rallies and led events like Winter Formal. The common thread in all these experiences? Community. Hey Lynbrook! My name is Nina Pan and I am running to be your (IDC) Rep to foster the community you are looking for. Drawing on my roles as a 2 year commissioner and 2025 Class President, my goal is to (I)ntegrate resources, (D)irect district wide events, and (C)onnect students by hosting a district-wide concert, spotlighting students, creating monthly recaps, and more. Vote Nina for your IDC Representative!

elections 24 - Samay Sikri.png

Samay Sikri

Candidate for IDC Representative

HEYYY Lynbrook! My name is Samay Sikri and I’m running to be YOUR Intra-district council (IDC) Representative! As your past Class President, I CONNECTED our class and underclassmen with events like the FIRST EVER Underclassmen Showdown, and HOCO. As your IDC Rep, I aim to CONNECT our ENTIRE school and district with new events like an intra-district dance and an improved IDC rally. With transparent communication and a commitment to listening to student voices, I promise to make our school more CONNECTED than ever. Vote Samay Sikri as your IDC Representative for a more united Lynbrook! SAM's THE MAN!

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