2025 Secretary Candidates

Candidate for 2025 Class Secretary

Aditi Adapala

These last two years have been crazy. While we still had online school, we missed some big milestones. We didn't have those field trips, sports, and the ability to just hang out with friends. But we're back now, and it's still surreal. I want to work on the student council to make this the best year possible. I want to make sure that we’re coming to school in a stride, and it’s smooth sailing. Being back on campus is a gift, and I want to see to it we’re using our freshmen year to the fullest.

Candidate for 2025 Class Secretary

Sanaa Gada

What’s up 2025! My name is Sanaa and I’m running to be your class secretary. In my opinion, a class officer requires dedication, diligence, and strong leadership skills. Having been on the Miller leadership team and now the homecoming core team, I am committed to my class and have the necessary experience required to lead my fellow classmates. I have so many ideas to increase class participation this year ranging from simple things like appealing graphics to newer ideas such as podcasts and YouTube videos. Vote Sanaa as class secretary for a year that’ll stay in your memories!

Candidate for 2025 Class Secretary

Siddharth Gupta (Elected)

Hello Lynbrook Class of 2025!

My name is Siddharth Gupta, and I'm running to be the Class of 2025 Secretary for the 21-22 school year. I believe that the point of Lynbrook ASB is to make the high school experience of our students better by bringing them together. Whether it's by uniting under a common goal, or friendly competition, it requires organization and planning. With so many students and the importance of listening to everyone’s inputs, we need someone who can record that information and summarize meeting minutes. I believe I'm qualified to do so. Vote Siddharth Gupta for Secretary!

Candidate for 2025 Class Secretary

Gayatri Karthik

My name is Gayatri Karthik, class of 2025. My goal as a class officer is to make this a fun filled year for you and the rest of our class. Pandemic or not I will ensure that this year will be memorable for all the fun we will have. I will make all events fun and I will work to make this school inclusive. We can work like a team and through teamwork we can make this school better than it already is. Let your voice be mine. Please vote for me.

Candidate for 2025 Class Secretary

Sara Pandit

Hello, Class of 2025, my name is Sara Pandit and I am running to be your 2021-2022 class secretary. I may not be the coolest person running, but I will bring hard work, transparency, probity, and team spirit to Lynbrook. The two most important things about being a secretary are being responsible, organized, dedicated, and being able to count. I have been a treasurer and was part of the Leadership Class, which gives me experience. I would love to bring new ideas to Lynbrook and will be happy to listen to and incorporate yours. Vote Sara Pandit 21-22 Class Secretary!