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2025 Secretary Candidates

Screenshot 2022-03-19 135002 - Sagar Bhatia.png

Candidate for 2025 Class Secretary

Sagar Bhatia

Its the time of year where anything and everything is about voting and this is my place to show you why I can be special. I want to be able to give an opportunity to everyone going into 10th grade to finally show what they want changed. I want to add events that anyone can attend, and events for the programs that are overlooked. From band to clubs to sports and whatever else. I just want to be a part of making this school a better experience for as many people as possible. Vote Sagar Bhatia to help change Lynbrook.

election profile pic - Siddharth Gupta.png

Candidate for 2025 Class Secretary

Siddharth Gupta (Elected)

Hey '25! I'm Siddharth Gupta and I'm rerunning to be your class secretary. As your current secretary, a Model UN intern at Lynbrook, and a Miller Model UN trainer, I promise to utilize my skills to improve upon our class events. As your class secretary, I would aim to diversify and optimize our class events by utilizing my experience as an officer. I believe the purpose of class events is to better the lives of students and create lasting memories. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions. Vote Sid for Secretary!

2313E0CA-A690-4951-B3F6-4F0F3C4CC091 - Kylie Liao.jpeg

Candidate for 2025 Class Secretary

Kylie Liao

Hey ‘25, I’m Kylie! After years of dreaming about becoming a student at Lynbrook, I’ve realized what makes our school so incredible is not only our strong academics, but the bond we share with our peers. Through my experience planning and executing social events, I’ve gained an appreciation for bringing our community together. With inclusivity in mind, I will strive to foster a strong relationship within our class to create unforgettable memories! Rain or shine, I’m ready to give you all the best possible year. Vote Kylie Liao for Class Secretary!

B2775B8B-6F7F-4140-BA46-C5BC4AE47B52 - Anusha Shringi.png

Candidate for 2025 Class Secretary

Anusha Shringi

From reuniting at Hoco Fest to cheering in unison at rallies, we all have made memories that we hold dearly. I especially cherish the moments of liveliness seen throughout socials and events and the happy faces as students spend time with their friends. Hi Class of 2025!! I’m Anusha, and I’m running to be your Secretary. With a focus on building community through amplifying voices, I'm determined to create a safe and welcoming community, planning exciting, stress-relieving events for extroverts and introverts and providing easy, accessible updates. Vote Anusha Shringi for Class Secretary & learn more at!

IMG_4571 - Luthien Wang.jfif

Candidate for 2025 Class Secretary

Luthien Wang

Hello Class of 2025! This year was certainly very interesting as we got back from quarantine and entered a whole new school. My experience from leading our first homecoming made me realize that I love to work with all of you. Next year, my main goal is for us to connect together while having a relaxed, fun-filled year. One way I plan to achieve the goal is by holding socials, such as movie nights or small study groups. To learn more, please visit my website at and let's have a Wangderful year together!

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