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2026 President Candidates

Hashim "Hash" Mahmood

Candidate for 2026 Class President

Screen Shot 2022-08-28 at 5.16_edited.jpg

Hello Lynbrook, my name is Hashim Mahmood, and I am running for president. As an officer, I plan to give freshmen a fun and memorable experience at LHS. I will communicate and listen to the students about what fun events they would like to have here and plan them so they are suitable and comfortable for everyone. I will give the students what they need to be more involved with school activities so that they never feel lost and alone at school. Lastly, I will engage in planning fundraisers to get us involved with outside community and civic engagement. Thank you.

Paula Chen

Candidate for 2026 Class President

Paula Chen 2022 Class President - Paula Chen.png

Happy 2nd week of high school! Election day for Freshman Class Officers is coming up this Friday from 8 to 4 pm. I, Paula Chen, am running for Class president. We the class officers will ensure you are seen and heard. We will consider your wants and needs while planning activities for the entire year. I will talk to every one of you and get to know you to bring everyone together. Being open and vulnerable to you is an important part of my morals. Bringing everyone together so your 1st year of high school will be easier, better, and greater.

Samay Sikri (Runoffs)

Candidate for 2026 Class President

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Hey 2026, my name is Samay Sikri and I’m running to be your class president!! I want our freshman year to be the best, and most memorable year it can be, and I know I can make this happen. My responsibilities to you are three things. Communication, inclusion, and memories. In addition to these responsibilities, there are three goals I plan to introduce. An underclassmen dance, more fundraisers, and movie/game nights. With me as your president, I will make this year, the most amazing freshmen year ever! Remember, sam’s the man!

Tanush Agrawal

Candidate for 2026 Class President

Vote Tanush for Class President! - Tanush Agrawal.jpeg

I am Tanush Agrawal and am running for class president! Freshman is the year that will determine our performance in high school and beyond. As class president, I will create engaging events and work on resolving your issues to make this year as smooth as possible. My leadership experience as head of entertainment for the Miller Fancy Dance, organizing and hosting events in Miller leadership, and involvement in a variety of activities like debate, art and sports, will play a key role in bringing new ideas and improvements at school. Vote for me and together we can make a difference.

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