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ASB Treasurer Candidates

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Anshul Singh

Candidate for ASB Treasurer

ASB was never supposed to be about stress-inducing competitions, stealing homeroom time, and preventing you from studying for bio. For me, and likely you, ASB is an escape. That's why I've spent however-many hours tying balloon arches, practicing my less-than-stellar Boy's Dance moves, and working as 2024 Class Treasurer. That's why I’m running for ASB.
I've always promised to highlight the Class of 2024's wishes (looking at you morning practices), and as Treasurer I will expand that perspective to include everyone. I recognize your issues because I have them too. With your vote I can solve them.


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Colin Chow (Elected)

Candidate for ASB Treasurer

Hey Lynbrook! My name is Colin Chow and I'm running to be your ASB Treasurer. Through this past year as an ASB Tech Commissioner, I have discovered my voice in leadership and want to help others find theirs. As your Treasurer, I hope to adjust funding to lower student costs. Along with that, I strive to provide students with a unique high school experience whether that's introducing new events or implementing creative ideas into our school systems. I believe in transparency and aspire to level the separation between officers and students so everyone's voices are heard.

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