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ASB Treasurer Candidates


Anping Huang

Candidate for ASB Treasurer

I'm Anping Huang, a passionate sophomore with a love for swimming, programming, graphic design, and finance. With 2 years of teaching experience, I understand the importance of clarity and support. As the Founder & Sponsorship Director of Hackswift, a hackathon organization, I raised over $115,728 in prizes over establishing contacts with numerous companies, proving my ability to manage & acquire finances effectively. I aspire to leverage these skills to ensure transparent budgeting, foster financial literacy, and create impactful opportunities for our student body. Together, let's make every dollar count towards enhancing our school experience. Vote Anping for financial responsibility and student empowerment!

hkjhl - Colin Chow.png

Colin Chow

Candidate for ASB Treasurer

Hey Lynbrook! I'm Colin and I'm running to be your ASB Treasurer. Having already served as ASB Treasurer and the Tech Commission Lead, I've dedicated my time to serving the student body at Lynbrook. I've had the opportunity to document countless unforgettable memories, help organize all club budgets, and so much more. In my senior year, I look to innovate and continue breaking the norm of what it means to be a leader. To guide and grow, as well as build relationships with all groups on campus. So Lynbrook, Make the Right COL and Vote Colin for your ASB Treasurer!

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