ASB Treasurer Candidates

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Candidate for ASB Treasurer

Sophia Khubchandani (Elected)

Each of us experiences Lynbrook in our own unique way, through a different lens! As your ASB Treasurer, I will aim to provide opportunities to showcase these perspectives! I hope to increase communication between ASB branches and connection with the student body by opening up ASB resources more as well as providing funding for student-led initiatives and mental health resources/awareness! Throughout my year in ASB Tech, I’ve gained experience communicating between commissions, and would like to build upon it in the ASBO team! To increase communication and connection, Vote Sophia for ASB Treasurer! For more, visit!

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Candidate for ASB Treasurer

Abhinav Raja

I am running for Treasurer as the system needs innovation, and that’s precisely what I’m running on. Innovation. I’ll implement the People of Lynbrook initiative, a web interface enabling ordinary students to provide ideas to the ASB for funding. I’ll partner with various social media presences so people can easily self-represent. We won't herald bureaucratic processes, but rather equally partner with ordinary students and hear their ideas on-demand. Through working in Legislative Council and STEM-based nonprofits, I learned about creating curriculum, voicing ideas, and leadership. I’m running for Lynbrook’s people. This is a movement, not a meme. Vote Abhinav 2023!