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ASB Secretary Candidates

SerenityCampaign22-6117 - Serenity Chu.jpg

Candidate for ASB Secretary

Serenity Chu (Elected)

Hey Lynbrook! My name is Serenity and I am running to be your ASB Secretary. For the past 2 years, I had been a 23 class officer and am currently the 23 class secretary. Not only do I have years of experience organizing events, but I am also dedicated, efficient, and approachable. My goal in ASB is to help students create lasting memories in Lynbrook. As this is my last election, I would greatly appreciate it if everyone would consider voting for me for ASB Secretary. Have any questions or want to learn more? Visit for more details.

ASBsecSQUARE - Anika Sundararajan.png

Candidate for ASB Secretary

Anika Sundararajan

Dear Lynbrook, From late nights at DECS to the spontaneous Coffeehouse Talent Show performance, I’ve loved the opportunities to showcase my spirit, meet new people, and give back to your loving school community through Class Presidency. However, you’ve also caused an abundance of stress in us that I want to fix. By carrying out events that will help release stress and cater to the many hidden talents Lynbrook students possess, we can keep our spirit alive and our students much happier. So Lynbrook. Would you do me the honor of taking me as your organized, dedicated Secretary? More info:

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