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ASB Secretary Candidates

FINAL - Aarya Aluri.png

Aarya Aluri

Candidate for ASB Secretary

Hi Lynbrook, I’m Aarya and I’m running to be your ASB Secretary!
For the past two years, I’ve had the privilege to serve in various ASB commissions to host events for you – the student body! Whether it’s passing out freebies before finals week or hosting Coffeehouse Talent Show to see all the wonderful performances, I loved meeting you all. As an ASB officer, I will strive towards incorporating your ideas and providing events that cater to your interests this upcoming school year. I will focus on executing changes that YOU want to see. Learn more at


SQUARE campaign photo 23 (1) - Aaditya Jain.png

AJ Jain (Elected)

Candidate for ASB Secretary

AJ Jain wants to be YOUR ASB Secretary! I’m certain that together, that next year will be even better than the last; a year packed with incredible events and more inclusivity. With my years of event planning experiences, absurd spirit day outfits, and unhinged excitement at rallies, you can be sure that I care about Lynbrook as much as I care about you. As your ASB Secretary, I’ll be committed to making the Lynbrook experience excellent, no matter what you enjoy the most, be it Homecoming or Hot-Cocoa. Learn more at <3

DF809C8F-6738-499D-9834-8726C62C801C - Alison Ho.jpg

Alison Ho

Candidate for ASB Secretary

My name is Alison Ho, and I am running to be your ASB Secretary. An effective secretary should stay efficient and organized when recording meeting minutes. Through ASB PR, I have worked with the ASB website, email, and Instagram, and I want to create a more efficient and organized system of recording meeting minutes for the leadership class. I also want to leverage my experience in ASB to ensure diversity in participants and promote inclusivity for all students, starting with the website by allowing more students to have a voice to communicate or share ideas and opinions on future events.

Hao Gu ASB Secretary - Hao Gu.png

Hao Gu

Candidate for ASB Secretary

What’s up lynbrook? I’m Hao Gu and I am running to be your next ASB secretary. My goal is to make your time at lynbrook the most enjoyable and stress-free as can be. I want to promote student wellness through establishing a monthly Food Truck Day, more therapy animals, fun food socials, more freebies, free food during finals, and much more! As the current 2025 President, I have the experience in fundraising, event planning, and organization to make these dreams come true. For more info, go to A vote for Gu is a vote for you :)

vote for kimaya - Kimaya Pantvaidya.png

Kimaya Pantvaidaya 

Candidate for ASB Secretary

From counting endless piles of money for Coin Wars to showing off school spirit, I have loved planning and volunteering at ASB events. As I continue this journey to help the Lynbrook community evolve, I would love to have a bigger role in organizing projects that focus on mental health and sustainability initiatives, such as implementing a community garden, planning stress relief events, and releasing student input forms to implement events that the student body wants. With my experience, dedication, and goals, I hope to improve your Lynbrook experience! Vote Kimaya for YOUR secretary! More info:

for the website (3) - Stephanie Li.png

Stephanie Li

Candidate for ASB Secretary

Hello! My name is Stephanie and I’m running to be your ASB secretary! From volunteering at the homecoming dance to bringing fluffy hamsters on campus, I have derived so much joy in serving you all and helping bring unforgettable memories to life. I want to use this dedication and my experiences in leadership to implement more casual, spontaneous events similar to Coffeehouse Talent Show, a consistently updated ASB website, and more frequent meetings between ASBOs and admin to convey your concerns in an open and efficient manner, such as improving our advisory/closed tutorial schedule. More details can be found at, and don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions~

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