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ASB President Candidates

Square Campaign Photo - Aaditya Jain.png

Aaditya Jain

Candidate for ASB President

WHAT IS UP LYNBROOK!!! It's AJ Jain and I'm running to be your ASB President! As I approach senior year, I’ve reflected on what the opportunities Lynbrook has presented me. Serving as your ASB Secretary this past year, and 2025’s VP before that, I have stuck with one goal: How can I make this year more exciting? In accomplishing this, I have worked tirelessly to put Lynbrook first. As your President, I can promise you that won’t change, and our next year will be all the more fun. Learn more at and make sure you vote AJ4PRES!

Calvin for ASB President Campaign Photo - Calvin Zhou.png

Calvin Zhou

Candidate for ASB President

HI LYNBROOK! I'm Calvin Zhou, running to be your ASB President. I'll create events showcasing what makes Lynbrook MAGICAL: our diverse students and incredible spirit, while implementing policies based on your voice. Serving as your IDC Rep, IDC Treasurer, and Community Link lead, I've introduced events like the Thrift Store and Cultural Festival with your input. Whether prepping for rallies or setting up for Homecoming all night, serving Lynbrook is my passion, and I'll work tirelessly to make next year the best it can be. Vote Calvin for ASB President, and let's unlock the full potential of our magical community!

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