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ASB President Candidates

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Akshar Miriyala

Candidate for ASB President

Hi, I am Akshar Miriyala and I am running for ASB class president. As a person who has been in the school for two and a half years, I think I can speak to the connection between the student government and the body. And while I know that while many students know and participate with ASB activities and actions, many don't. As someone with absolutely no experience in ASB, I want to use my position to get more people involved, make an environment where anyone, not just those in ASB, can feel comfortable speaking with platforms they care about.

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Anika Sundararajan (Elected)

Candidate for ASB President

Hey Lynbrook! You may recognize me from screaming my lungs out at rallies, or jumping around as Totoro during HOCO. From freshmen to junior year serving as 2024’s Class President, my passion for serving this school and showing my spirit has only increased, and methods improved. I understand how to implement feedback through years of experience, and have so many ideas on how to better our campus, through a closer-knit community and events catered to all of YOU. Given the chance, I would work wholeheartedly to make next year the best possible, so VOTE ANIKA for ASB President!


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Aryan Patnaik

Candidate for ASB President

​​Knock knock! Who's there? You're soon-to-be ASB President. Hey Lynbrook, I'm Aryan Patnaik. Does my name sound familiar? Maybe it's from Science Olympiad, where you can see me giving the most fire member presentation or winning medals with my teams. Or perhaps from our school's Track Team, where I'm usually guiding my friends through the warm-up or encouraging them to run faster. For me, it doesn't matter where you heard my name, just that you know that by voting for me, I'll be bringing that same energy, responsibility, ambition, and dedication into making Lynbrook the best school in the district!


Peter Aguirre

Candidate for ASB President

What's good Lynbrook! My name is Peter Aguirre, and I am running for your ASB president. No matter how you know me at school, I only have one goal in reaching out to you today. The goal is to create a strong connection between the student government and the student body. I will work towards a student government that genuinely values student opinions and input through regular surveys and open forums. Our student government will maintain transparency by providing regular updates on their activities, plans, and decision-making processes. Let's work together to create a student government that represents you frfr.

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