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2024 Vice-President Candidates

Screen Shot 2022-03-19 at 2.17.19 PM - Aahaan Bandopadhyay.png

Candidate for 2024 Class Vice-President

Aahaan Bandopadhyay (Elected)

My name is Aahaan Bandopadhyay and I’m running to be your Vice President! You probably remember me from a few weeks ago when I was campaigning to be the next IDC Representative, and even though that didn’t work out it doesn’t mean that I’m giving up! If I can’t host an intra-district game night, I’ll hold an inter-class one. If I can’t host a school art festival, I’ll hold one for 2024. No matter what happens, I’m going to continue to work hard to bring events that connect us together, so vote Aahaan Bandopadhyay to be your 2024 VP!

Derek Li - Derek Li.png

Candidate for 2024 Class Vice-President

Derek Li (Elected)

Hey, class of 2024! I'm running to be your Class Vice President! We've all faced and overcame a lot in our first year back in person, from homecoming and rallies to studying and staying awake for a test every period. I'm proud of the current achievements of our class, but I know we can attain something even more significant. I plan on making engaging social events like movie nights, relaxing study groups, and mystery games. And most importantly, I want to hear your voices. We are all individuals. Vocalize your thoughts and vote for Derek as your Vice President!

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