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2023 President Candidates

PFP - Elizabeth Tu.png

Candidate for 2023 Class President

Emma Tu (Elected)

Hey 2023! My name is Emma, and I’m running to be your Senior Class President. I can’t believe this is the last time I get to introduce myself like this to all of you. Looking back on these last 3 years, we’ve really defined ourselves as a class: we’re spirited - jumping from 4th place as freshmen to 1st place in the recent Welcome Back Rally; we make history - raising over $23,000 from JProm sales alone; and we’re resilient - coming out stronger amidst a tough junior year. But there’s so much more to experience whether that be senior homecoming, sunrise, games, or prom! In our final year at Lynbrook, I hope you’ll let me stand with you as we build our 2023 legacy.

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