2025 Vice-President Candidates

Candidate for 2025 Class Vice-President

Deniz Genc

Hello 2025, my name is Deniz Genc and I will be running to be your 2025 class vice president. A few things about me, I’m currently on the Lynbrook JV water polo team and I like sports. My goal for this election is to not win it. It is to get my name around campus. Popularity is not the most important thing in high school, however being recognized by someone is probably one of the best feelings in high school. If I do win, my goal is to make high school life more enjoyable and not four years of stressfulness.

Candidate for 2025 Class Vice-President

AJ Jain

Hey Vikings, I am AJ and running for your class Vice President. I have the experience needed to be your voice in ASB, from my years in Miller Student Government as Vice President, and the Student Engagement Representative. As Covid has presented new challenges for us to socially engage and build a sense of community, if elected, my goal as your VP would be to bring us together with rallies, and social events based on feedback from all of you. Starting with homecoming, I am asking for your vote to make this year an unforgettable one.

Candidate for 2025 Class Vice-President

Sanaa Lokray

My name is Sanaa Lokray, I am a 14 year old who is invested in politics as well as the world around me. If I get chooses to be your class officer I promise to do my best to take your ideas and try to make them a reality. I would like the class office to focus on your needs and what want for us, so feel free to come talk to me and share your ideas.

Candidate for 2025 Class Vice-President

Qianzi Loo

If I, Qianzi Loo, am elected as your freshmen Vice President, I will ensure that your experience will be unforgettable. Coming from southern California, I bring unique activity ideas such as lunchtime racquet sports games, meme creation competitions, individual classroom challenges, and monthly trivias. Thinking back to our class chant last Friday, I will dedicate my time to increase school spirit so that our chant will be as loud as the fans at a football stadium :) Thank you and please VOTE QIANZI LOO, SHE CARES ABOUT YOU!

Candidate for 2025 Class Vice-President

Lilly Wu (Elected)

Hello fellow Vikings! my name is Lilly Wu, and I will be running for vice president for the Class of 2025. Last year has been tough, and I will be doing my best to make this next year as great as possible. I hope that we can all have a wonderful year and make amazing memories with each other. I will work hard to make sure that everybody’s voices are heard, and that we can all have a say when it comes to making decisions. Be sure to vote for me to be your vice president! Go Vikings!

Candidate for 2025 Class Vice-President

Calvin Zhou (Elected)

Hey Class of 2025! I'm Calvin Zhou, and I'm running to serve as your Class Vice President this year.

"Nothing is stronger than family." Especially the Lynbrook family. I am committed to creating an inclusive freshman year filled with exciting events. Having spent the past two years as club president of Miller FBLA and Miller's Economics Club, I have learned so much about building a community through leadership. By listening to every voice, and by giving students more say in class events, I hope to make everyone feel at home– just like family.

Vote Calvin Zhou for Class Vice President!

Candidate for 2025 Class Vice-President

Eileen Zhu

Hi 2025! I’m Eileen, and I’m running to be your class VP. You may know me from Miller Leadership. Being in the social committee, projects I’ve led include the Jewish cooking night, cards to cancer patients, and the talent show. Outside of leadership, I’ve been an officer of FBLA for 2 years, and I’m a decs lead for homecoming! I can promise that everyone would be part of something special, from homecoming to rallies to fundraisers. Leadership is what I’m passionate about, and it would be an honor to share with the rest of 2025. Vote Eileen for VP! <3