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2025 Vice-President Candidates

AJ FOR VP - Aaditya Jain.png

Candidate for 2025 Class Vice-President

AJ Jain (Elected)

Hey 2025! My name is AJ Jain, and I’m running to represent you as one of your 2025 Vice Presidents. I’m determined to make our next three years at Lynbrook as spirited as they can be, and I hope we can work together to make the following goals a reality. 1) Planning more frequent and successful fundraisers so future events have a larger budget. 2) Prioritizing feedback from our class and incorporating it into events and rallies. 3) Providing adequate opportunities for our class to destress and form meaningful connections and memories during these next few years. #AJ4VP

Screen Shot 2022-03-19 at 1.35.46 PM - Sanaa Lokray.png

Candidate for 2025 Class Vice-President

Sanaa Lokray

Hi, 2025!! My name is Sanaa Lokray, and I’m running for your Sophomore Class Vice President! This year was great but let's go further. I have big plans for next year, mostly involving your decisions in our class event planning. I plan to make a form every time we have a big event, gauging your ideas as well as your interest, encouraging more of you to join. I can't wait to work alongside you guys to make our high school experience wonderful. That being said; Vote Sanaa for your next Class Vice President!!

Qianzi VP Campaign Photo - Qianzi Loo.png

Candidate for 2025 Class Vice-President

Qianzi Loo

Hey Vikings! I’m Qianzi! Being a student and Legislative Council representative has helped me discover the wonderful aspects of Lynbrook, from the talented individuals to spirited events. Using my past leadership experience, I aim to connect Lynbrook’s unique clubs with students and host new fundraising events — introducing exciting activities that would bring a greater sense of community at our school. Learn more about me at and Vote Qianzi Loo, She Cares About You!


Candidate for 2025 Class Vice-President

Lilly Wu

Hey Class of 2025! If you don’t know me, my name is Lilly Wu, and I am running to be your 2022-2023 Class Vice President. I have learned a lot from this past year, and so for this next year, I plan to make everything about you guys. I want everyone to be able to take part in the decisions we make as a class, and I will make sure that everybody's voices are heard so we can have another memorable year of high school together. Be sure to vote Lilly for Class VP! Go Vikings :)

Calvin Zhou for 2025 VP Campaign Photo - Calvin Zhou.png

Candidate for 2025 Class Vice-President

Calvin Zhou (Elected)

Hey, 2025! I'm Calvin Zhou and I'm running to be your 2025 Vice President this year. As VP, I hope to organize even more inclusive events, increase transparency and accountability, and hear more ideas and feedback from you. From my experience as your current class VP, I understand that there's still more to improve, especially how truly interesting our events are. I hope to make your experience in Homecoming, Winter Rally, and other events even better by creating more streamlined communication and feedback channels. To learn more about my campaign, visit and remember to vote Calvin for VP!

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