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2025 Treasurer Candidates

Cheers (4) - Dishita Aeron.png

Candidate for 2025 Class Treasurer

Dishita Aeron

My #1 goal is to make our 4 years of high school memorable. To do this, I will increase the number of fundraisers that we plan through polls so that we have enough money to plan more events that appeal to students. This means that you get to decide if we spend our money on a class dance or movie night. Your voice matters to me! And trust me - I'll be able to get this done through my experience of being in leadership for two years and co-managing a tutoring business. Vote Dishita for 2025 Treasurer! More info:

Amine For Treasurer - Amine Ali Chaouche.png

Candidate for 2025 Class Treasurer

Amine Ali Chaouche

Hey Vikings! I’m Amine Ali Chaouche and I’m running to become your class treasurer for next year. If elected, I plan to create a fun and memorable year by focusing on experiences tailored for our class. I will always be listening to feedback from you! I’ll also make it a priority to create a public platform where I can focus on transparency. I want you to know where your dollars are spent to the best of my ability. And I mean, you gotta vote for Amine.

WhatsApp Image 2022-03-19 at 8.50.14 AM - Anoushka Chakravarty.jpeg

Candidate for 2025 Class Treasurer

Anoushka Chakravarty

Hi Freshmen! I'm Anoushka Chakravarty, and I'm running to be your treasurer. As you may know, I love anything math-related and helping others out. If I become treasurer, I want to help our clubs and classmates not worry about reports and money and focus on having fun and learning. I'm communicative and friendly, and I always have time to listen to your opinions. I'll be transparent and tell everyone what's happening behind the scenes of donations, class funds, and everything in between. Everyone has something to say, and I'll provide the mic to strengthen your voices. Vote for me, AC!

abhinav2025 - Abhinav Raja.png

Candidate for 2025 Class Treasurer

Abhinav Raja

I am running for Treasurer as the system needs innovation, and that’s precisely what I’m running on. Innovation. I’ll implement the 2025 Victory Initiative, a web interface enabling ordinary students to provide ideas for rallies and events. I’ll partner with various social media presences so people can easily self-represent to effect change. Through working in Legislative Council and STEM-based nonprofits, I learned about creating curriculum, voicing ideas, and leadership. I’m running for Lynbrook’s people. This is a movement, not a meme. Vote Abhinav 2023!

campaignphoto - Isaac Sun.png

Candidate for 2025 Class Treasurer

Isaac Sun (Elected)

Hey Class of 2025!! My name is Isaac Sun and I’m running to be your Class Treasurer. As Treasurer, I plan on using my experience throughout the past year to improve class fundraisers, class budget, and events, such as decreasing apparel prices and increasing participation at rallies and school-wide events. I also hope to strengthen the bond between our class to allow everyone to voice their opinions and feedback. After serving as your Freshman Class Treasurer, I’m ready to make these lasting changes to better support our class, so vote Isaac Sun for Treasurer!

Treasurer - Eileen Zhu.png

Candidate for 2025 Class Treasurer

Eileen Zhu

From improving your Homecoming experience to organizing details to events, I’ll bring thoughtfulness and new ideas to anything 2025! Having been a backdrop lead last year to physically buy supplies, I can make countless improvements for next year, so this isn’t an empty promise. As a class, we can also raise money for a charity of YOUR choice through events like bake sales, which provides more food for movie nights. Being in the social committee in Miller leadership has given me experience planning engaging events under a sustainable budget. I’m enthusiastic and driven, and you definitely won’t be disappointed!!

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