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ASB President
ASB Vice President
ASB Secretary
ASB Treasurer
IDC Representatives

ASB Officers head the ASB 4th Period class and help plan ASB events like Spicy Ramen Challenge, Charity Week, and Winter Formal! This year, there will be one President, two Vice Presidents, one Secretary, one Treasurer, and two Intra-District Council (IDC) Representatives. The Vice President and IDC Representative elections will be based on plurality voting and the rest of the elections will have run-offs if no candidate wins a majority.

Election Timeline

Speeches will occur Wednesday, February 28th during Tutorial

Ballots will be on Infinite Campus on Wednesday, February 28th from 10:50am-5pm

Results will be announced through Schoology

Runoffs (if necessary) will happen Thursday, February 29th from 7am-5pm

Your Candidates are (by position and alphabetically by first name):

President: Aaditya Jain, Calvin Zhou

Vice President: Kimaya Pantvaidya, Sagar Bhatia, Siddharth "Sid" Gupta

Secretary: Amine Ali Chaouche, Amy Tang, Gary Pan, Kartik Gudapati, Lauren Li, Shreya Somani

Treasurer: Anping Huang, Colin Chow

IDC Representatives: Aarit Parekh, Chelsea Guo, Nina Pan, Samay Sikri

Below are all the detailed descriptions for each position!


The President shall be an unofficial member of all committees. The President shall recommend for the consideration of ASB such measures as they shall judge necessary and expedient for ASB. The President shall have the power to call special meetings of the Executive Council (as defined in Article VI) and the Legislative Council. The President shall preside over all ASB Leadership Class and Executive Council.


Vice Presidents

The Vice Presidents shall take the place of the President in their absence. The Vice Presidents shall succeed to the presidency in the case that the position is vacant. The Vice Presidents shall preside over the Inter-Club Council and delegate club fundraising activities including Food Club Day.



The Secretary shall record and publish the minutes of all meetings held by the Legislative Council and the ASB Leadership Class. The Secretary shall record the absences of all representatives during meetings. The Secretary shall also be responsible for updating the Constitution in a timely manner when new amendments are passed.


The Treasurer shall take charge of the budget, collect and disburse all ASB funds, keep accurate accounts of collections and disbursements, and make periodical reports as requested by the Legislative or Executive Council.

Intra-District Council Representatives

The Intra-District Council Representatives shall attend the meetings of the Intra-District Council (IDC). IDC Representatives shall represent the views of Lynbrook students to the IDC and shall relay the actions and policies of the FUHSD Board of Trustees to the students and report all information from IDC events back to the student body.

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