ASB Officers head the ASB 3rd Period class and help plan ASB events like Hearts Week, Charity Week, and Winter Formal! This year, there will be one President, two Vice Presidents, one Secretary, one Treasurer, and two Intra-District Council (IDC) Representatives. The Vice President and IDC Representative elections will be based on plurality voting and the rest of the elections will have run-offs if no candidate wins a majority.

Voting Opens: March 4th 11:00am-March 5th 1:40pm

Runoffs Open: March 5th 2:00pm - March 6th 2:00pm

Your Candidates are:

President: Alex Cheng, Tetsuo Eng, Michael Zhao (Elected)

Vice President: Ria Chaudhary, Antara Mallick, Kanav Tirumala (Elected), Isaac Yoon (Elected)

Secretary: Pranav Chittharanjan (Elected), Tim Jing, Shailesh Kumar Senthil Kumar

Treasurer: Joyce Feng (Elected), Nivi Madhan

IDC Representatives: Justin Dong (Elected), Michael Ma, Anton Ouyang, Zoe Parkhomovsky (Elected)