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ASB IDC Rep. Candidates

Screen Shot 2022-03-05 at 1.00.31 PM - Aahaan Bandopadhyay.png

Candidate for IDC Representative

Aahaan Bandopadhyay

Hey Vikings! If I've learned one thing from being the 2024 Vice President for two years, it's that communication is what connects us. But what I've noticed is a lack of connectivity between classes. All of the biggest events that we have, Homecoming, Winter Rally, Powerpuff, are all separated by grade. I’ve really grown to cherish both my upper and underclassmen friends, but ASB currently isn’t doing enough to foster those relationships. As your IDC rep, I’ll provide those spaces to connect, whether it be through an Underclassmen Dance or Advice Corners. So remember to vote for Aahaan Bandopadhyay!

274617666_631595294582554_2545851364600169421_n - Esha Dasari.png

Candidate for IDC Representative

Esha Dasari (Elected)

We have 4 years to define our time at Lynbrook. From checking in students at Winter Formal and Movie Nights to fixing the popcorn machine at HocoFest, I have dedicated my time to make sure that every second of these 4 years count. Whether it be virtual or in-person, ASB has been my outlet, allowing me to create positive change by planning events to build your memorable high school experience. As your IDC representative, I strive to continue giving you all a memory-filled & unforgettable time. So check out my website at and vote Esha D. for IDC!

square - Edward Sha.png

Candidate for IDC Representative

Edward Sha (Elected)

I feel that ASB is inaccessible to many students. We want our opinions heard and we want change, but ASB is not representative enough—it’s imperative that we continue diversifying student voices in ASB and in IDC. More students should be able to voice change at Lynbrook and at the district level. By representing broader input, I’ll prioritize goals set by you in IDC to improve campus climate. IDC’s touched on serious issues this year, and if elected, I’ll raise your concerns to the council. IDC must also be better underscored to all of you—I’ll further FUHSD bonding through penpals and club fairs, and I’ll better IDC’s social media presence.

SATVIK SHREESHA campaign graphics - Satvik Shreesha.png

Candidate for IDC Representative

Satvik Shreesha

As I approach my last year at Lynbrook, I start to reflect on what this school has done for me. I have met so many diverse people, I have created precious memories with friends, and through ASB, I have gotten to serve the student body and I start to pay my debt back. However, ASB isn’t perfect. ASB is so much more than just the leadership class—it is the entire school–and we need to start showcasing the people of Lynbrook. Check out @satvik.shreesha and to learn details about my campaign. Vote Satvik for IDC Representative!

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