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Class officers plan various class events like Homecoming, Powerpuff, rallies, proms, and fundraisers. The Class office team consists of 1 president, 2 (for grades 9-11) or 3 (for grade 12) vice presidents, 1 secretary, and 1 treasurer.

Election Timeline

Ballots will be on Infinite Campus on Friday September 2nd from 8 am-4pm

Results will be announced through Schoology

Runoffs (if necessary) will happen Tuesday September 6th from 8am-4pm

Your Candidates are (by position and alphabetical by last name):

President: Aarit Parekh, Amy Tang (Runoffs), Hashim "Hash" Mahmood, Paula Chen, Samay Sikri (Runoffs), Tanush Agrawal

Vice President: Amolika Sudhir, Angelina Zhou, Audrey Zhu, Christopher "Juno" Hong (Elected), Jessie Zhu, Kate Nagareda, Lisa Jing, Naina "Ishana" Subrahmanyan, Sanika Vaidya, Steven Hong, Susanna Khubchandani, Vihaan Patel (Elected)

Secretary: Chloe Chung (Runoffs), Ishani Chawla, Joyce Cheung (Runoffs), Riddhi Maharana, Saliha Dogan, Varnika Ghattamaneni

Treasurer: Avril Chin (Runoffs), Ishika Chandra, Kartik Gudapati (Runoffs)

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