2024 Secretary Candidates

Shreya Arunkumar

Candidate for 2024 Secretary

Lynbrook Class of 2024! 
My name is Shreya Arun and I am running for student body secretary! As your secretary, I promise you, I will take good notes and communicate your thoughts to our class officers. We need to bring back our student involvement and I plan on doing this by keeping you updated at all times. I believe that as a class officer, we need to listen to the students and spend time conveying ideas to you. My goal is to be the bridge between students and officers. Thanks! Vote Shreya Arun as your 2024 class secretary!

Website: https://itsshreyaarun.wixsite.com/campaignsite

Valerie Eng

Candidate for 2024 Secretary

What’s up 24? In my search for finding ways to get involved with our class, I realized that being secretary was where I could make the most change. But we’re all new to this. In order to have the best freshman year, we need more than 5 people to make school better. We need you.

My experiences at the West Valley organization have made me passionate to create change, and now that campaign season is here, I believe I have what it takes to make remote learning as bearable as possible! 

Vote Valerie for 2024 secretary!
Campaign deets at https://valerie2024.8b.io/

Jeffrey Gao

Candidate for 2024 Secretary

Hey class of 2024! My name is Jeffrey Gao and I am running to be your class secretary.


As a member of student council this past year, I helped plan and organize events such as the Back to School Bash and our staff appreciation events.


One of the goals of my campaign is to create a class website, where you will receive all the updates on class events, homecoming, and meeting minutes. If elected, I will focus on increasing transparency between our officers and the rest of the class. Remember to vote Gao for Secretary!

Alison Ho

Candidate for 2024 Secretary

Hi my name is Alison Ho and I am running for class of 2024 secretary. I hope that when I am secretary, I can bring great ideas to our school and make the class of 2024 even better. Voting Alison Ho for secretary would mean giving me the ability to help others speak out their ideas, keep a note of what is happening in meetings, and when the meetings have been taking place. I know I am perfect for this job because I am organized and also understand what being a secretary means and the importance of the job. 

Raghav Iyer

Candidate for 2024 Secretary

My name is Raghav Iyer and I am running for Secretary. As a Secretary, I hope to bring our community together, especially during lockdown. I hope to make school a place to have fun as well as learn. I want to make sure that our priority is the mental health of students and staff. It will be my goal as a Class Officer to make students and staff alike look forward to attending school. During lockdown, where we are not meeting each other in person, I will make sure to share the decisions of the student body clearly and in a timely manner.

Lauren Yoon

Candidate for 2024 Secretary

Over the past three years, I’ve noticed something happening to our class - a hole has started to form in it’s heart. The unity that once held all of us together, has been replaced by rampant elitism. This is bringing us further apart, which with our current situation online, is not helping. As your secretary, I promise I’ll work to improve our class and make up for lost time. I will work on these issues to see real change with you. We’ll find a way to overcome the pandemic, and become a united class. Vote YOON for a better year SOON!