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2023 VP Candidates (2 will be elected)

Hi Class of 2023! My name is Esha Dasari and I’m running to be your class vice president! Last year, I ran for this position and in the simplest terms, I took a fat L. However, this didn’t stop me from remaining involved with our class. I’ve dedicated my time to meeting new people, and understanding your concerns. Now that campaign season is back, I believe I have what it takes to lead 2023 to success. Let me represent you.

Vote Esha as your 2023 Class Vice President and you won’t be daSORRY!
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Esha Dasari

Candidate for 2023 Vice President

Homecoming. Powerpuff. Rallies.

These are events that bring the entire class together to create something beautiful.

As class officers, it's our responsibility to make these events run smoothly. It's our job to ensure that every participant feels valued and connected.

If elected as vice president, I promise to put in my best effort to ensure you'll have the best time possible at each of these events. I promise that your efforts and talents won't go unnoticed.

Vote Luke Li to be your vice president. I know together, we can make our high school experience memorable for years to come.

Luke Li

Candidate for 2023 Vice President

Hello class of 2023!! First of all, thank you for this opportunity to share some goals I would pursue if I were to be your Vice President. It’s simple: easier. I want to create an easier way to enjoy your sophomore year of high school! From instagram stories with surveys to accessible and fun fundraisers, my main goal for the class of 2023 is to make it easier for everyone to be apart of our class of 2023.

So vote Ellen Kwon for 2023 class Vice President!

Ellen Kwon

Candidate for 2023 Vice President

Hey 2023! My name is Jeffrey Su and I am running to be your 2023 Vice President. As a Vice President this past year, I have not only helped plan and create events such as homecoming or 2023 fundraisers, but have learned from Lynbrook executives how to become a better officer. This newfound knowledge will allow me to serve you with greater direction, helping plan better events for you and making it easier for you to have a better time in high school whether it be socially or academically. So remember 2023, vote Jeffrey Su for a SUper-duper year!

Jeffrey Su (Elected)

Candidate for 2023 Vice President

Hey 2023! My name is Arushi Gupta, and I would like to be your Vice President for the upcoming year. I am very passionate about leadership and public speaking as you may know, and I hope to be able to showcase those interests once again throughout next year. Being your vp this past year has changed me as a person for the better. I am now more outgoing, confident, dedicated, and motivated to helping our class as much as I can. If you vote for me, together we can turn Lynbrook into WINbrook!

Arushi Gupta (Elected)

Candidate for 2023 Vice President


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