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2023 Treasurer Candidates (1 will be elected)

Hello 2023! It’s me, Anishka Banerjee, running to be your Class Treasurer.

I believe that my abilities to be able to create various financial statements, record donations, expenditures, and create budgets, along with my experiences as Director of Inflows of the Youth Economics Initiative, accounting-related tasks for DECA and Miller SEARCH financial plans, and status as a Lynbrook Legislative Council and School Site Council representative will be utilized best as Class Treasurer. With your vote, I will seek to not only fulfill my responsibilities as Class Treasurer but also work to communicate with you, hear your concerns and novel ideas, and effectively serve as your voice.

Vote Anishka Banerjee for Class Treasurer!


Anishka Banerjee

Candidate for 2023 Treasurer

Your time here at Lynbrook is defined by the memories you hold dear, and I would love to be given the privilege to organize events where you can make those memories. My name is Satvik Shreesha and I'm running to be your class treasurer. Staying up late the week before homecoming to finish last-minute decorations or waking up early on late start days to attend Powerpuff practice, I will always give you guys my full dedication. This class has taught me so much and I would greatly appreciate the chance to give back.

Vote Satvik Shreesha for 2023 class Treasurer!!

Satvik Shreesha

Candidate for 2023 Treasurer

Hello, 2023 Vikings! I'm Sharon Zhu, and I am running for class treasurer. What makes me qualified? I'm accountable and efficient. I was in my 8th-grade leadership class. This year, I am CSF officer intern. But above all, I care about Lynbrook and want everyone to have an unforgettable year. As treasurer, I can make sure everyone has something to remember, whether it's a class social, a dance, or a rally. I want to help 2023 leave their legacy at Lynbrook. And I can't do it without your support, so vote Sharon Zhu for 2023 class treasurer. Go Vikes!

Sharon Zhu

Candidate for 2023 Treasurer

Hey, I’m Serenity Chu and I’m running to be your 2023 class treasurer. Thanks to 2023, I’m grateful to be your current class treasurer. I would LOVE to continue to serve 2023. I have amassed a tremendous amount of experience through leadership class and as Homeroom Commissioner in 7th and 8th grade. I am super committed. You had seen me choreographing for girls' dance, hosting decs, dancing in winter rally, and executing the Somi Somi fundraiser. If elected, I promise to plan more fundraisers that are accessible for all students. GO 2023! For further information, check out

Serenity Chu (Elected)

Candidate for 2023 Treasurer

What do you think of when someone says “Lynbrook”? You might think “grades”. Maybe you think “education”. Perhaps you even think “stress”. Whatever it is, we can all agree that Lynbrook is more than just a place . It’s a journey, filled with exciting opportunities and events for you to explore. It’s the job of the class officers to ensure that everyone feels important in every step of that journey. If I’m elected, I will amplify your voices and make sure everyone is heard. Vote Daniel Wang for 2023 Class treasurer for an exciting year where you can make a difference.

Daniel Wang

Candidate for 2023 Treasurer

Hey, Class of 2023! It's that time of year again: Class Officer Elections. Next year, it would be my honor to serve as your Class Treasurer. After all, what is Lynbrook without its student body? As a swimmer and debater, I’ve learned to value not only effort but also teamwork. With your help, Lynbrook will continue to thrive and grow as a community. As the Class of 2023, this is your chance to take control of your future. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to rule your future and vote Wayne Zong for 2023 Class Treasurer!

Wayne Zong

Candidate for 2023 Treasurer


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