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2022 Secretary Candidates (1 will be elected)

WHAT’S POPPIN 22? You may remember me from my iconic campaign slogan from seventh grade. I’m Kalika Bhatia and I’m running to be your Junior Class Secretary! Class rallies are such a thrilling experience and have really allowed our class to show all of our spirit. From hosting decs to co-choreoing Coed, I have learned how much I live for these events and how much I care about the class of 2022. If elected, I assure you that you can count on me to work as hard as I can for our class. 22, Let’s go far in Kalika’s car!!

Kalika Bhatia

Candidate for 2022 Secretary

Rick Ross once said “How many people you bless, is how you measure success”.

Success for me means making your year the best it could be, by using class office to alleviate the stresses of junior year. More inclusive events, new homecoming court selection procedure, and jprom venue voting, are a few things I’d do in office.

Being skit head for the past two years, I’ve gained the experience to lead our class, (and the work ethic to scrub dried paint from my backyard.)

To have a blessed year, vote Pranay for Sec!

To learn more, visit:

Pranay Mamileti

Candidate for 2022 Secretary

Our class is a community for everyone, so you deserve a voice and to know what is happening.

As Secretary, I plan on improving communication, inclusion, and transparency by making information, opportunities, and officers more accessible to ALL. I also believe that to improve our activities, we must plan and effectively work TOGETHER, both through decs and as an officer team. Through my experience as a dedicated Backdrop Head and club officer, you can count on me to get things done.

It would be my honor to serve as your Secretary. Vote Bennie and learn more at

Bennie Chang (Elected)

Candidate for 2022 Secretary

The class of 2022: a group of brilliant and talented students. However, there continues to be a major problem. Our voices are left unheard. As your class secretary, I aim to build a bridge between the class officers and students. Our class is huge and shouldn’t be left in the hands of 5 individuals. I value the importance of student input. YOUR hard work, YOUR dedication, and YOUR ideas deserve recognition. I promise to increase class participation to help us all create those long-lasting memories we enjoy. Vote Srushti Patil for 2022 Class Secretary! Learn more at

Srushti Patil

Candidate for 2022 Secretary


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